Upcoming concerts

May 31/June 28th at 6pm
Rygge Church (Viken Norway)
on the occasion of the church’s 900th anniversary
The concert could not be performed with the audience due to the corona situation.
However, recordings will be posted on the Facebook page to:
Arena Moss church and cultural center
Here you will also be able to experience the concert afterwards.


September 11
Oslo Cathedral
Aranged by Oslo Cultural Night
The official Cultural Night arrangement is cancelled because of the corona situation.
There will probably be some kind of alternative performances arranged by the Cathedral. These will be announced later.

September 13
Utstein Kloster
Rogaland, Norway
Joint concert with Schola Solensis
This project is postponed untill spring 2021.

October 19th to 26th
Concerts in South Korea
Uncertain because of the corona-situation. More information will follow.

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