Concerts 2019

10. February 2019
Widor: Mass

Consortium Vocale Oslo
Bragernes kirkes solistensemble
Conductor: Terje Kvam
The music was performed during a service in
Bragernes Church, Drammen

In cooperation with Ad Fontes

Sunday 6th of January
“De konger tre”
Consortium Vocale Oslo
Alvilde Riiser and Mari Lunnan – Soprano
Members from Norwegian Cornett & Sacbutts
Marcus André Berg organ
Conductor Terje Kvam

The Epiphany brings the Christmas celebration to an exotic ending.
This is the day of remembrance that the holy three kings came from eastern countries
to Bethlehem to worship the Infant, and with them they had precious ones
gifts. Constortium Vocale Oslo invites to a concert at the end of Christmas
with music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance written for this celebration.