Consortium Vocale Oslo

Consortium Vocale Oslo, founded in 1985, is a male vocal ensemble based at Oslo Cathedral. Since 1998 the ensemble has specialized in Gregorian chant under the direction of Alexander M. Schweitzer. Under Schweitzer’s guidance the group has dedicated itself to the palaeographic study of medieval manuscripts, to an appropriation of the theological-spiritual dimension of the Gregorian repertoire, and to an interpretation of Gregorian chant according to semiological principles.
The collaboration with Schweitzer has led to numerous performances in Norway and Europe. In 2003 and 2015 Consortium Vocale Oslo was invited to perform at conferences held by AISCGre, the International Association for Studies of Gregorian Chant. In 2004 the ensemble was awarded first prize in the prestigious Guido d’Arezzo International Choir Competition in the category for Christian plainchant, as well as the “Domenico Cieri” special prize. In 2008 the ensemble received the Guidoneum Award presented by the Fondazione Guido d’Arezzo for outstanding artistic achievements in the field of Gregorian chant. Activities in subsequent years have included concerts in Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Slovakia, Italy, the Vatican, and Greece, and appearances with Trio Mediaeval, Berit Opheim and Kåre Nordstoga, among others.
Under the leadership of Alexander M. Schweitzer, Consortium Vocale Oslo has released seven CDs of Gregorian chant: Laus mea Dominus (ASV Gaudeamus, 2002), Exaudiam eum (2L, 2007), Vultum tuum (EOS Verlag, 2008), Resurrexi (EOS Verlag, 2013), Salvum me fecit (EOS Verlag, 2016), Historia Sancti Olavi (Lawo classics, 2016) and Mirabilia fecit Dominus (EOS Verlag, 2016). (Recordings)

Consortium Vocale Oslo:
Mats Bergstrøm, Svend Erik Haaland, Alf Howlid, Olav Leden Nytrøen, Pål Strøm, Lars Brusletto Sveen, Kjell Viig and Jonas Lind Aase. 

Alexander M. Schweitzer, conductor