22. of April 2023 – Gregorian chant during the presentation: Three churches in the heart of Oslo

The cathedral’s priests tell about the cathedral’s history and interior, about the motives of the ceiling paintings and the symbolism of the art. In the cathedral’s 325-year history, various artists and styles have left their mark on the church space. Between the bolls, court organist Kåre Nordstoga plays organ works that further illustrate the era of the art and the content of the motifs. The tour is arranged for visual interpretation and people with reduced mobility. A program with the organ works’ title and composer is handed out at the entrance.

The event is part of the launch of Three churches in the heart of Oslo. Three churches in the heart of Oslo include Oslo Cathedral, Trinity Church and Grønland Church, all located in the center of Oslo. The three independent churches complement each other both in terms of services, cultural offerings and diaconia (care work) and are built on the churches’ different profiles and characteristics.

Three churches in the heart of Oslo present exciting glimpses of their work. You can choose to attend the individual church’s event, or join the walk from church to church.

Organ music by Kåre Nordstoga and gregorian chant by Consortium Vocale Oslo, dircected by Alexander M. Schweitzer

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