Omslag - utkast“Historia Sancti Olavi”
Office of St. Olav
Consortium Vocale Oslo
Alexander M. Schweitzer
Graces & Voices
Adrija Čepaitė and Antanina Kalechyts
Recorded at Ris church, Oslo, Norway

On their first release for LAWO Classics – the double CD “Historia Sancti Olavi” – vocal ensemble Consortium Vocale Oslo and Graces & Voices presents a rarely heard cultural treasure from medieval Norway.
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Label: LAWO Classics
Catalogue no.: LWC1106
Total time: CD1: 60:20 / CD2: 44:39
Format: SACD Surround 5.0
Producer: Jørn Pedersen
Engineer: Arne Akselberg
Design: Blunderbuss

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Released September 2016

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Cover Booklet_Mirabilia“Mirabilia fecit Dominus”
“Sundays in Ordinary Time XXI-XXV and XXXII
in Gregorian Chant”
Recorded at Nikolai church, Gran, Norway


Label: EOS
Catalogue no.: 978-3-8306-7819-9
Total time: 80:12 Min.
Format: CD
Producer: Jørn Pedersen
Engineer: Jørn Pedersen
Design: EOS

Some pictures from the recording sessions
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Released September 2016

“Salvum me fecit”Cover
– “Sundays VI-X (Ordinary Time)
in Gregorian Chant”.

The melodies for the chants of the Mass propers of 6th through to 10th Sunday in Ordinary time date back to the heyday of Gregorian chant in the 8th to the 10th centuries. They witness a masterly musical realization of the underlying liturgical texts.
Recorded at Kirche Unsere Liebe Frau in Kobolzell,
Rothenburg, Germany
Guest soloist: Ed Smeets


Label: EOS
Catalogue no.: 978-3-8306-7784-0
Total time: 76:13 Min.
Format: CD
Producer: Alexander M. Schweitzer
Engineer: Michael Grobe
Design: EOS

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Released March 2016

– Easter in Gregorian Chant

Gregorian repertoire from the Easter Vigil and the masses for Easter Sunday, Easter Monday and the second and third Sundays of Easter
Recorded in the beautiful 12th c. Chapel of St Stephan, Denklingen, Oberbayern, Germany
Guest soloist: Sebastian Schober

Label: EOS
Catalogue no.: 978-3-8306-7542-6
Total time: 66:05 Min.
Format: CD
Producer: Alexander M. Schweitzer
Engineer: Adrian von Ripka and Christian Weigl
Design: EOS

About the album (in german)

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Released March 2013

“Vultum tuum”
– Mary in Gregorian Chant  

The chants of this CD contain the most ancient traces of Marian veneration. They are from the golden age of Gregorian Chant. The title of the CD “Vultum tuum” is the beginning of the Introitus to the Feast Mary Mother of God (octave day of Christmas).

Consortium Vocale Oslo bases its interpretation of chant on the rules of Gregorian Semiology and uses the most ancient adiastematic manuscripts.
Recorded at the Abtkirche Herr Jesu zu Sankt Ottilien, Germany.

The organ pieces are played by Kåre Nordstoga, organist at Oslo Cathedral since 1984, and inspired by the unique melodic richness of the Gregorian themes as well as by the colorful sound palette of the St. Ottilien organ.
Soloist: Mario Guillermo Ojeda

Label: EOS
Catalogue no.: 978-3-8306-4030-1
Total time: 66:55 Min.
Format: CD
Producer: Alexander M. Schweitzer
Engineer: Gerd Puchelt
Design: EOS

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Released December 2008

“Exaudiam eum”
– Gregorian chant for Lent and Holy Week

Gregorian chant, in its all-embracing spirituality and poetry, appeals to the deeper levels of the human heart. Monks in the Middle Ages composed and performed this music as an integrated part of their daily occupation with Sacred Scripture. Throughout the centuries Gregorian chant has enriched and deepened the liturgy of the church, and has been a source of inspiration in every period of European music history. Under the leadership of Alexander M. Schweitzer Consortium Vocale presents chants from the five Sundays of Lent, Palm Sunday and Good Friday,
Recorded in the medieval church at Ringsaker in Norway.
Soloist: Mario Guillermo Ojeda


Label: 2L
Catalogue no.: 2L43SACD
Format: Hybrid Super Audio-CD 5.0 SURROUND + STEREO
Produced in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition)
Recording producer Morten Lindberg
Balance engineer Morten Lindberg Recording engineer Hans Peter L’Orange
Editing Jørn Simenstad and Hans Peter L’Orange
SACD-mastering Morten Lindberg
Producer: Morten Lindberg
Design: Morten Lindberg

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Sound file: Crux fidelis
Rewiev AISCgre (in German) and 6moons

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Released March 2007

“Laus mea Dominus”Laus mea Dominus
Oldest gregorian compositions
from Mass, Vespers and Compline
Recorded at Gamle Aker church, Oslo, Norway
Soloist: Mario Guillermo Ojeda

Label: Gaudeamus
Format: CD
Catalogue no.: CDGAU304
Total time: 59:54 Min.
Format: CD
Producer: Morten Lindberg
Edited by: Lindberg Lyd AS
Recording Engineer: Hans Peter L’Orange

According to the liner notes, this recording represents the “first fruits” of the Consortium Vocale Oslo’s devoted study and years of experience in performance of Gregorian chant. If these are the first fruits, I hope I’m around to partake of the more mature harvest, for this is chant singing of the most refined yet expressive kind

–David Vernier,

Der Gesang der Schola ist sehr homogen, der Klang angenehm ausgeglichen und weich, die Interpretation beruht auf der Grundlage der Semiologie; Phrasierung und Gestaltung folgen ganz dem jeweiligen Text.
–Heinrich Rumphorst,

soundclips from the CD
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Released 2002