Consortium Vocale

DSC07932-cConsortium Vocale is the male vocal ensemble of the Cathedral of Oslo. It was founded in the mid-1980s, comprising the men’s voices of the newly formed Oslo Cathedral’s Boys’ Choir. Under the direction of Alexander M. Schweitzer the ensemble has dedicated itself to the paleographic study of medieval manuscripts, an appropriation of the theological-spiritual dimension of the Gregorian repertoire, and to an interpretation of Gregorian chant following semiological principles. Consortium Vocale has released 5 CD’s “Laus Mea Dominus” (2002), “Exaudiam eum” (2007), “Vultum tuum” (2008), “Resurrexi” (2013) and “Salvum me fecit” (2016) (recordings). Two new albums, Historia Sancti Olavi and Mirabilia fecit Dominus, will be released September 2016.